We´re going to Rome!

Without the support of the school community and external sponsors, the cost per student would have been 1270 euros, which includes the conference package, train, hostel costs. This would have been unaffordable for the students and made participation in the conference virtually impossible.  Now, thanks to your help, the cost has been reduced to 225 euros per student, which has totally exceeded our expectations! 

Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters we can officially say that we are participating in the MMUN conference this May 2020 in Rome, Italy! 

The students are motivated to begin researching and representing their countries. This year, two students are representing South Africa and eight students are representing Cuba. The students are becoming experts in topics such as Human Trafficking, Racism and Xenophobia, Food Security & Nutrition in the World and The Human Rights Situation in Yemen and are preparing themselves to defend the interests of their country in relation to their topic. Discussions, both formal and informal, will be held at the conference so that students representing countries from all over the world can make international plans of action and draft resolutions.

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you when we return.

You can expect lots of pictures and stories!

A BIG shout out and thank you to all of our sponsors, including:

Spendenlauf runners and sponsors